I had already committed to buy a car that morning at another garage when  in the early hours I was reviewing cars on the iPad and I noticed one similar on Howard’s website. I rang at 9 o’clock and two minutes later found myself preparing to drive to their Loughton showroom.

I was introduced on arrival to my new car. As I was being shown around Howard opened the trunk, asked me to stick my head inside it, he did the same thing, and I asked what next? Sniff I was told. So we both did as I was told there was no damp in the trunk. It seemed a good enough reason to buy the car.

Within 10 minutes I was putting down a deposit  knowing that Howard gave his personal endorsement and the fact the trunk was damp free.

I have a list longer than my arm of all the things I have to do and don’t do with what is now my car. The whole experience was a complete pleasure and I think what is now our car is in fact far better than he described!

I would recommend anyone thinking of buying a classic car to contact Howard or his team.



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